Monday, May 08, 2006

4 in 10 love Bosses

Well, this is a mix of two stories - the first suggests that 40% of Americans (I would assume that number is about equal in most North Atlantic countries and higher on the Pacific Rim) play video games and the second is from Wired that talks about what makes a good boss and why they are "so cool". It's nothing that the regulars here haven't seen or read before, but it's affirmation from non education sources that (granted they are tech sources) that gaming is becoming ubiquitous and that learning is present, that it provides challenges and an intrinsic set of rewards and it's fun. The trick is as always (broken record time) to get people to understand that the learning that happens in the game can be a bridge to learning outside the game (this bridging, based on the work of JP Das, is what I want to eventually focus my research on in addition to risk taking). Technorati Tags: , ,