Monday, May 08, 2006

eLearn Booked

Well it took most of the morning to do it, but I've got eLearn 2006 booked and hopefully everything goes well, the papers get(s) accepted and we are off to the races. They have extended the call for presentations to May 10th now (on the website, now emails) and the final call dates are up as well (June 1-August 15). I'm going to risk an American airline again (United), but it's essentially a code share with Air Canada for part of the way. My last United experience was with their check-in staff in Florida, where they were real tools. But with any luck I'll be out there with time to spare (the arrival is around 4, which should really help the adjustment for the time) compared to flying Air Canada which arrives at midnight (or there abouts). Hopefully they will be using the 777 on that run as well by then. Now the quandry is do I try just that little bit harder for a 30D to capture the trip or save the money for food and enjoyment there... I know the answer is the latter and my trusty V3 (I'm so lucky that cameras don't get jealous or give attitude) will be able to take some amazing pictures. My first trip out was captured by my U10 that was stolen just over a year ago and they came out not too bad (If I do say so myself). With any luck I'll also be able to present the (digital) story that one of the papers is on. We are still waiting to get ethics organized for that (we think we can, we just want to make sure). Technorati Tags: