Friday, March 31, 2006

Teaching Thinking about Technology

I had to pick up a book for my wife this morning, and thumbing through it, I found some interesting things. The book is Developing minds : a resource book for teaching thinking, 3rd Edition, edited by Arthur L. Costa. There is one section that deals with technology and I'll try to summarize it here: The first mention of technology points out that in the 80's schools were still producing students for an industrial workforce, one that needed only process skills and not much in the way of inquiry skills to get in the way of rote and monotonous work. Very quickly however, this changed and students were no longer needing to work logs, but log files in order to really get ahead. The challenge that schools face on top of that is one that we know too well in the edublogger world, information literacy. It used to be that only the top end students were capable and those were all that needed to be, but now it is increasingly important for the middle students to be literate as well if they are to have a chance in the new world. Most of the students today will have to be a knowledge worker in some capacity, but in order to do that they will need to understand how to manage a constantly changing information environment. Students will need to look at information and be able to question it in order to adapt what knowledge they have already to suit what situation is arising before them. Nothing overall ground breaking now, but keep in mind it's from 2001 and the writing was likely done in 1999 or 2000. They were saying many of the same things then as we are now. Technorati Tags: