Thursday, March 30, 2006

Game Studies Research Findings - GDC 2006

I was looking at stuff from GDC 2006 and found some interesting resources - Research Findings, Avant Game and Avant Game Blog. Take a look at some the resources. Some of them are applicable to education and transferring game, mainly when you are adding a feature, be it to a game or a lesson, be sure that there is a reason to add it. Games add voice or FMV often as a result of "back cover feature creep" just as technology is often tacked onto a lesson and in both cases they tend to fail. The results also mention that ironically, active failure is more important to interest and arousal than success. This last point is really an useful idea for teachers. Lessons should have ways to fail actively so that risks can be taken in a safe manner to keep students interested and always trying just a little bit more. Technorati Tags: