Monday, March 20, 2006

Eportfolios for Candidate Assessment (Spaulding, Straut, Ruddy & Frechette)

This presentation was more of an overview of what the group found when they looked at the portfolios of pre-service teachers in terms of how they used technology. They commented on how portfolios had moved from basically a celebratory artifact to a high stakes assessment instrument in recent years. The interesting part from this session wasn’t what they found, but rather what they didn’t. They didn’t always see that technology use was being documented, suggesting that people didn’t always realize what technology use was really that special (one comment was that a student build lesson plans in Inspiration but didn’t have any of those planning stages in the portfolio even though the prep used quite a bit) – are we on the road to ubiquity and/or embededness?). They also warned that if in a portfolio the use of technology is noted as something to include, it will be there as a requirement and a “one-upping” feature as opposed to something to solve problems as it currently seems to be appearing as. (partial edit) Technorati Tags: ,