Friday, March 10, 2006

MovieMaker can be redeemed! And a bit of Re-Imagineering

Working with a class cutting together short films today, I had to try to figure out a way that a student who has to for various reasons work on a laptop that only has Movie Maker to be able to share the finished product with the rest of the class. Previously my experience with Movie Maker was that it had limited and very Windows centeric options for saving. But under the "Save for my Computer" option there is, burried deep in the list "DV-AVI" and that creates a file that is QT compliant! I wasn't really that amazed (afterall, M$ isn't that naive) but it was an odd sensation to know that all was not lost for the student (no there were no warm fuzzies for M$). In the lazy posting theme that I seem to have this week, there is also a cool blog that I found called Re-Imagineering. It's about the Imagineers at Disney and between looking for a missing Snow White DVD, finding the La Nouba DVD at Best Buy (completing the honeymoon archiving project) and watching the remastered "Lady and the Tramp" at the start of the week and doing a session on Digital Storytelling with a rather unique group of kids, I was once again reminded of the awe that struck me when I was at WDW and how the physical place told such a story. Technorati Tags: , , ,