Thursday, March 16, 2006

Practical use for Podcast in schools

It's nothing new - the Stanford iTunes project has had entire lectures on demand for some time now, but it seems that the main stream media (well USA Today) has finally caught on to the way that these "files" are being used - as review and supplements. Not always as ways to skip class. It seems to make sense to me - we are for the most part all able to handle learning things from a variety of media, and there are times that the exact original spoken words are what you need to understand. This is where the podcast comes in. People have recorded lectures in the past for the same reason, so they can get the exact words over and over again if they need to. Living in a multi media word, it really makes sense for students to have multimedia notes. Can you imagine a DVD reviewer having to look at the script and coding of a DVD to do a review? Podcasts are a good way to get more in depth info on a specific topic (as I write this, I'm listening to the Everest podcasts from Disney - I still have the obsession with the ride and even though I'm going to be right there next week, I likely won't go, for lack of time or lack of good company - Disney likely isn't any fun on your own). Technorati Tags: