Monday, March 20, 2006

Funny looking phone

Ok, well for whatever reason, the conference connection won't render Google stuff as it should, so I can't upload the picture right now, but it's of an Internet Phone at the Edmonton Airport provided by Telus (fixed now...). It's a funny looking box that runs Linux. I guess in a big pinch it can be useful (in a zombie voice... must check email....!). I didn't see anything like this in Toronto but I've seen them in other places as well. If Telus is doing this, it means that ubiquitous broadband is coming (if they can bring it to their payphones). I'm at the SITE 2006 conference in the first keynote and it's quite an eye opener to the true nature of connectedness in the rest of the world - the 3 or so billion of us that are not in the "flat world" (I just finished reading "The World is Flat" and even though the last part got a bit off topic, but the final message was certainly well taken and needed in this time). Look for big posts at the end of each day. OT: I also noticed that Skype seems to be able to carry contact lists along now :) Technorati Tags: ,