Thursday, March 23, 2006

SITE 2006 Early Thursday

Well, the majority of the sessions that I went to yesterday afternoon blew proverbial "buzz word based" chunks. But there was one good session offered, Comparison of Nursing Student Perceptions and Attitudes toward Hybrid & Online Courses (Patti Urso, Bill Chen and Robert Chi). They found that there is a variation in the appeal of online and hybrid courses depending on the age of the students in question. The younger students tended to want a traditional classroom for the opportunities to interact with the campus, while older students were more into just getting the material and being able to manage class and life at the same time. I also read this morning that even if we don't get the Wallet/RFID payment system with the cell phone because of the additional hardware it would require merchants to install, PayPal is rolling out PayPal Mobile. So this could really push to change the way that many purchases work in the next few years. I also found this interesting SITE 2006 blog aggregator. Technorati Tags: , ,