Thursday, December 01, 2005

Email most important

I found this interesting - according to a report on C|Net The survey was conducted by the OSDL Desktop Linux Working Group in October 2005. It found that without quality e-mail applications, Linux on the desktop was not a feasible alternative for most people because e-mail is rated as the most important application regardless of platform. I find this interesting, partially because it seems that part of the world is moving toward IM as dominant paradigm of communication and the other seems to be relying on the oldest stalwart of email. I know that email clients for me are a big deal, but part of me is thinking that the days of the client are starting to look short (again) with the improvements that we are seeing with web based systems. I know part of the reason I like a mail client is the flexibility of the application, but a well put together web interface like Google's and Yahoo's certainly gives clients a run for their money, especially on lower powered machines. Technorati Tags: ,