Wednesday, November 30, 2005

G5 Deer Park

With the release of Firefox 1.5 apon us, I've downloaded the G5 Optimized version to try out. It's certainly fast (especially in text boxes - like the one that I'm using now), but fails the acid test the same way that the 1.0 releases do (though I'm thinking that this may not be a priority for the developers as they have added a whole host of things to the browser). It even has the ability to use the shortcuts in Blogger. Open source is certainly doing great things, and the browser is the start - effectively with a good browser, much of the Office suite could be made to run online (Google's master plan, sorry I mean MS's strategic goal ;)). If this ever happens then I think we'll see some interesting things start to happen (another magic bullet/panacea to be sure), but with the $100 laptop and bandwidth becoming less of a concern I think there is enough of a drive out there by those involved in making information accessible that the software is becoming less of an issue and now that hardware has also been tamed to some degree, "all" that remains is infrastructure. Technorati Tags: ,