Friday, November 04, 2005

Apple plays the heavy

Well at least when it comes to the iPod. This is not news, but it is interesting to read what MS says when it talks about getting the Xbox 360 to work with the iPod (on C|Net). While the article goes on to talk about how these next gen consoles are going to be able to do more than just play games (streaming music - that is so... late '90s? - play music ... that is so ... PSOne?) it does bode well for those who want to do a little more with these machines. I know there won't be a rush on educational titles, but these machines are becoming more functional as general purpose machines (I still remember that the PS2's online feature was supposed to have allowed web browsing) and as such, they should help increase the overall level of computer literacy (hopefully) and comfort with computers (at least). Technorati Tags: ,