Thursday, May 18, 2006

Friends from Strangers - Bring on the Ducks

Well, the Oilers moved on to the next round and it seemed that the entire city became friends - calling from balconies, high fives and cheers all around (check out the video from my brother's balcony). We also were the "bigger" fans as we cheered on the US anthem after getting Oh Canada booed in the US. I know it was apologized for, but what a crock of an excuse for it happening - a mistake in mixing mics and then a "massive internet campaign/flashmob" to boo... I don't think so. Cudos to Peca for the great game (maybe penalties are not a bad thing for us ;)), Roli, the man with his first shutout anda bit of a tap on the head to Mat Greene, or maybe Jason Smith (Greene lives in his basement), calm down a bit out there boy!