Thursday, April 27, 2006

Ajax Apps

D'Arcy posted about Ajaxwrite today, and poking around the rest of the site there are also an XLS (Excel) and Sketch apps available. Before this, the best you could do is use GMail to convert the file to HTML, but now you can open files anywhere there is a FF1.5 or better browser, and considering that a number of places that you'll be needing to access the files on the road are likely going to be using an open source workstation anyway (often with only a browser installed), this is now a pretty slick solution to editing those files. Of course you have to be able to save the file to send it again, but if you could save it to open it, then you are laughing already. It will allow the output to be in Word, Open, RTF, Text or PDF. Now there is another way to make PDFs - even on Windows! Technorati Tags: