Thursday, April 13, 2006

Online Safety

Wesley Fryer has posted a couple of good articles (chat lingo c/o Cox and online dangers) that are looking to be good resources for Internet safety. I find it frightening, the number of teachers out there that are just ignoring online safety for seemingly petty reasons. This may be because of their personal ignorance to the fact or it may be the result of their own lack of literacy in the field. If it is the latter, it fits in well with what some have pointed out - that tech cognizant (to say nothing of savy, though the more the better) teachers are more likely to help their students learn the "ropes" as it were. This seems self evident, after all, personal experiences are what lead us to teach what we do and with the passion that we have - if there is no passion for a subject, regardless if it's technology tentric or not, it's not going to be taught. Imagine a star fashion designer having to teach quantum chemistry - or the other way around (that was a struggle to find some examples that wouldn't rub too many people the wrong way). Technorati Tags: , ,