Monday, January 09, 2006

Open the Aperture to see the Lightroom

Well, it seems that Apple has some competition for Aperture. Lightroom (via Luminous Landscapes - I haven't seen anything on Adobe's site in terms of manuals/hype - they must be busy after completing the Macromedia deal). There is of course the support/download site here. Things look similar, so that can only mean good things for both the companies that make the software and for the people who use them. I've played around with it a little bit and it's a fair shade friendlier than PS when it comes to getting pictures nice and "clean". I've got 1300 from the honeymoon to process, so I think I'll be giving this little app a good shakedown over the next little while. If nothing else, the price is right, all I have to do is backup my data. Edit - another Beta Review. Technorati Tags: , , ,