Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Knowledge Stick and Flow

After browsing through my RSS feeds and getting back from a meeting of the Online Program Support Group here on campus, a couple things struck me, and again these are nothing new, but to see them "hit" me in the manner that they did was a real eye opener. The first was this morning, reading Dean Shareski's posting that quoted Gretzky's line "I skate to where the puck is going, everyone else skates to where it is.". I posted my two bits to the comments there and then rushed off to the meeting. Then in the meeting, talking about ePortfolios and wikis many people said without saying that these Web2.0 tools allow the focus to be on content rather than on the presentation - "Content not conning is king" was the encapsulating phrase that I used over lunch that seemed to strike a real cord with the people at my table. This was certainly gratifying, but then after lunch, other well respected member of our group presented her anticipated use of the KEEP Toolkit as well. And her comments further verified my choice to go with KEEP and also spoke to the importance of reducing the barriers between the creation of the content within and then the sharing of it using the various tools that are available and noting that for the most part, Web1.0 was more a "geekcentric" space than Web2.0 is and is going to be. After the meeting, in the scrums after that follow, the final conversation that brought the day full circle when again, not said, but said that we agreed that what needs to change in education, regardless of level is the way that teachers and institutions think about knowledge - we are moving to a time where one has to be able to manage information/knowledge and showcase the bits that they have stuck to them rather than be a person that is all things to all people - kinda what I said on Dean's blog this morning. Technorati Tags: , , ,