Saturday, December 10, 2005

It's Yahoo!s like this that are making Web 2.0

Not content with Flickr, Yahoo! has now got It seems like they are going after everything and anything with a social or folksonomy tag (MyRank?) to it to create something that is going to alter the web. I'm wondering what Google is doing - essentially since PageRank gave them their power because results were relevant according to backlinking - a human and machine based system and now it looks like this may become usurped by a system that does essentially the same things but out in the open and not behind the scenes. Yahoo is gaining ground in my mind by going after the human only side, links that make sense according to people and not only machines. But then again, tags are still links that will feed PageRank, so does it really matter? Part of me thinks that Google will still be on top because tagging relies on what people are doing when tagging - essentially creating categories, and not all people do that the same way. Maybe I'm just rambling. My guess is Technorati is going to be next to fall to the giants in some manner, being the last of the independent "tag services". Technorati Tags: , , ,