Friday, January 27, 2006

More GTSA Fun

Well, it is getting even more weird for Rock Star and Take Two. The City of LA is going after them in court for illegally hiding porn. This certainly gives any attempts to help GBL out yet another monkey to bear on it's back. People, it seems, think that when ED/IT people talk about game based learning that they mean using these types of games, when in reality these games would likely never be used in a classroom. I was reading some paper and found a quote (I forgot who) on edutainment software. Essentially saying that it took the worst parts of education and gaming and put them together. Using COTS games leads people to think about the games that are in the news, not titles like CivIII or one of the Tycoon games. Maybe when talking to people, we need to change how we refer to games that can be used in the classroom - Classroom Friendly COTS? CF-COTS? Technorati Tags: