Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Cartooned Sucess^3!

Last term, I lamented about students not cartooning their storyboards, so this time around, I made that a requirement to get their cameras. And I was surprised that even though there was some initial delays while the stick figures were being scrawled out how much time it saved. Even more so that the students were also saying that had they not "pre thought" the idea, they would have spent "sooo loooongh" (their quotes) getting even the simple things done because they would have not had an overall idea of the video. So there is the first lesson - storyboards work. The second? A small taste of video production gives a huge impact into what students think when it comes to alternative projects. It's a great empathy drill for when they get a movie turned in instead of an essay. If this initial experience is positive, then I'm sure it will be used again in the student's eventual classroom. Last lesson? IP - after putting in all that work, what would you feel like if someone stole it? We had a talk about using copyright music, images and video and I think before they understood in principle what the moral/ethical arguments were, but now I'm sure they can feel it. Technorati Tags: , , , ,