Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Intel Inside 10.4.4

From the MacWorld live coverage: the new iMac Using the new Core Duo chip from Intel, Apple's new iMac, which goes on sale today in 17 and 20-inch versions, is two to three times faster than its predecessor, according to Jobs. It's available in the same design as before, with the same prices. Both cores of the new dual-core Intel chip are faster than the G5 was, according to the benchmarks Jobs showed on the screen. Mac OS X v10.4.4, which ships on the new machine, is running natively on the Intel microprocessor. What's more, Apple's new iLife '06 and iWork '06 applications have been produced as "universal binaries," which means they'll also run natively. Jobs indicated that Apple's pro applications, including Final Cut Pro and Aperture, will be available in universal binaries starting in March. If you already own the software, you can trade up to the universal binary versions for $49. Technorati Tags: , , ,