Thursday, November 17, 2005

Laptop for every child... now train their teachers

Amid all the shock and awe of the announcement yesterday with the "Fisher Price" (awe) like laptops being unveiled (and broken - the shock), Josh Levy seems to be the first to point out something that I guess I had taken for granted that would happen in part because I always harp on it anyway. Now that the children have the tools, how are they going to be used. I'm sure we can't have the MIT Team head out to the field with every deployment, so there is going to have to be some serious PD along with these things. Granted, there are many teachers out there that will take these in stride. But as Josh points out, Ben Vershbow, a critic of the program sees that these laptops may end up as "so many neon blocks". Personally, I have a little more faith in the teachers, in the third world (and forgive the stereotype), teachers are often well respected and take their jobs seriously. So if they are presented with a new tool, they will try their best to use them, especially if they come with the resources that they need. Technorati Tags: ,