Wednesday, November 16, 2005

$115 Laptop Unvealed

Just an hour ago Reuters (C|Net has pictures) and posted a story that Negroponte has revealed the final design at the UN. The design allows for 40 minutes of operation off of one minute of cranking as well as have WiFi and Cell access the only thing they are lacking is large scale storage. The computers should be available in the first part of 2006 after the initial order is placed in February or March. At the conference, they commented that the laptops would be purchased by governments or donor corporations, but they would be owned by the children. I think that is the best thing that can happen - great things happen with a little bit of responsibility, if you want proof look at a bunch of kids growing beans from a seed - darn it they really get attached to those little things. Negroponte, on this point noted, "Ownership of the laptops is absolutely critical," he said. "Have you ever washed a rented car?" The laptops may also be made available to the general public at about twice the price (still a steal), but "their bright color and distinctive appearance should discourage anybody from stealing or buying one from a student" says Negroponte. Though I think it's not too bad (clicky). This means that all of the sudden schools with smaller budgets can also benefit from this program. I'm sure schools will look to this and see that they only have to deal with an "ugly laptop" to have all the advantages of being connected. Of course you still need all the other infrastructure to get these machines online and more importantly an IT department that will accept and support them. Not being "Borne of Bill" these laptops may be short shifted in many North American schools, which is really too bad. Technorati Tags: ,