Friday, September 30, 2005

Alberta Supernet Online??

Well, this is in the news (Google) - Alberta Supernet is online. But after talking with a few people around the office, it seems that it's still not the case. At least one place is waiting until "next week" - but according to the government it's already been there for a while (maybe it's hiding). What I find disturbing is that Restructuring and Government Efficiency Minister Luke Ouellette claims "the network will now be continuously evolving, just like roads or any other infrastructure. Has this man seen some of the infrastructure in this province? Supernet is a great idea, but the province hasn't put the money into any training for teachers to make use of it. Just because it's built, does not mean that any good will come of it. Maybe I'm just a pessimist on this project. Technorati Tags: ,