Thursday, July 14, 2005

Podcasting doomed? Nope - Dude just threw a brick

Well according to Mark Cuban (owner of the Dallas Mavericks - not Larry Cuban, the noted Stanford Education Prof and technology critic) in an article from Forbes by Gregory Levine it is (commerically). Cuban says that podcasting will be like streaming ... not commercially viable. I would say that is correct. It, in my opinion was never meant to be. It is a way for the "anybody" out there to get their message out. Just because there are a few businesses that are hopping on the bandwagon, it doesn't mean that there is going to be an entire revolution in media. Podcasting is much more like being able to get your own mix of talk radio from the sources you want, something that has been available to video and music for a while. It's great for education and the great unwashed "anybody", just not too cool for millionaires and other businesses who only look at things if there is a dollar to be made. edit - Here is the original post. Technorati Tags: , ,