Tuesday, July 05, 2005

But where is my file??

Now that there are two ways to put pictures into blogger, a question comes up. Do you choose the built in Google solution, or an add on solution somewhere else? Both have their advantages and disadvantages. But one of the things that I'm thinking is a major disadvantage to the Google solution is that you cannot manage your images once they are posted. They become part of the "Great Google Ether". It matches the way Google thinks - never throw anything away and try to ensure that the Interweb has a very long history. Other services like Flickr let you manage your images, but because they are not part of the Google family, their compatibility may be disrupted at any time. The last solution is to cook your own with a little big of HTML magic. This way all you have to do is find a place to host the files. This last solution doesn't really get around the issue of "Google's Great Ether" because chances are that the file would get put into the Google Cache. In the end I'm thinking that I'll just use the Google service and put watermarks or some other manner of identification on my images, knowing that if anyone really wanted to get them, they still could at whatever reduced size I provide.