Friday, July 01, 2005

AACE EdMedia 2005 DHS and SP

In an effort to get more grad students interested in conferencing, I am part of a committee that organized the DHS and SP - Dissertation Help Sessions and Student Panels at the EdMedia 2005 Conference this year. Two of the three planners/organisers couldn't make it (myself being one of the two), but the third, fearless Laura is there and says: DHS went swimmingly - good turnout for all talks, and decent conversations afterwards ... [SP was well done also and it] did seem [to be like] something like what we'd envisioned. The help sessions are self explanatory, but the Student Panels were to focus on completely blue sky ideas that are non traditional and that could shake up IT/ID - something that would piss a supervisor off or would be too crazy to get funding for. It seems that we have started something. Hopefully the next EdMedia will be better, it seem the DHS are going well, we just have to get more on the SP side.